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Winter Wellness Workshop

In this FREE Winter Wellness Workshop you will learn the basics of good Old remedies that will keep your Family Healthy during the Cold & Flu Season

You will Learn Simple & Effective ways which you can implement Immediately  into your Families routine to Boost Immunity/ Cleanse & Uplift/Assist Respiratory System just to name a few!


This Workshop is FREE however Bookings must be made on


Gut Health Workshop  - COMING SOON

Learn the Basics to restore your Intestinal Health

Knowing the basics could rid you of years of discomfort with Stomach issues

I will share with you the things I have implemented to restore My Digestive Health

This Workshop will have a Small Fee of $15

Understanding your chakras Workshop - COMING SOON

Learn  all about your Energy Centres - Your chakras

Discover how they are linked to your Mental, Physical & Spiritual attributes

By Understanding what each chakra represents & what you can do to keep this Energy flowing freely, you can achieve an Optimal quality of Life for yourself & those around you

With this Workshop you will receive a collection of Cleansed & Reiki charged Chakra Crystals which you can work with Immediately

Cost: TBA

Stress Less Workshop - COMING SOON

Learn how to use Essential Oils at times of stress to assist your Body to cope